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Caffitaly System SPA was established in 2004, in Gaggio Montano near Bologna Italy, by a group of shareholders passionate about coffee. This is evident in the immediate success and quick growth rate of the company, with high sales volumes in the coffee capsule market.

The differentiator in Caffitaly’s business model is the unique “open system” which allows any coffee roaster world wide to manufacture and sell their capsules using a Caffitaly machine.

The popularity of Caffitaly machines has given rise to new locations opening across the globe. With large scale production facilities in Milan and recently in China, the company’s growth rate has increased by 30% year on year.


The Caffitaly System is an innovative combined system, consisting of machines and capsules, whose components are protected by international patents, in order to keep the taste and aroma of all the blends, from coffee bean to cup, in accordance with the Italian tradition. Every capsule contains the ideal dose for a true Italian espresso coffee: 8 grams of roasted and ground coffee. The coffee is perfectly pressed to get a great result, while a steady extraction process ensures strength and body of aroma. The patented pre-infusion system ensures the perfect extraction with each coffee blend as well as all other intended beverages.


Easy and Handy: Just one touch is required to prepare the perfect espresso in seconds
Fast: Capsules are ready for instant use
Sealing and Hygiene: Each capsule is hygienically sealed, protecting its contents from environmental elements
Unique: The Caffitaly System ensures the coffee remains fresh, the flavour unaltered, providing the highest quality serve for extended periods of time

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